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Pheasant Hunts

St. Croix Farm is a licensed pheasant hunting preserve. Pheasant hunting season opens September 15th and closes April 15th. Email us at for more details, or give us a call at 518-753-4201 if you have questions or want to schedule a hunt.


$30/bird placed, payable prior to each hunt. There is an 8 bird minimum for each hunt.


No alcohol or drugs permitted on the premises or to be consumed prior to any hunt.

Proprietors reserve the right to cancel for misconduct.

All members are required to sign a release prior to each hunt.

All members must stay in the section they are assigned.

Blaze orange is suggested for your own protection.


Hunter is expected to conduct themself in a safe, responsible, lawful manner, respecting the landowner, property, and others using it. Landowner is absolved of all liability per NYS laws.

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