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About Us

Pasturing animals harvests the sun's energy, and provides animals with their most natural and beneficial diet. An intense rotational grazing program creates a better life for our animals, a better product for our customers, and is better for the land.


St. Croix Farm was conserved in 2009. We continue to learn more about grass-fed meats, and we consider our stewardship of the land to be a continuous cycle of improvement.


We partner with our neighbor RuBen Hill Farm to provide pork and lamb products year-round, as well as seasonal produce and holiday turkeys.

Two tractors
Family Owned and Operated

We are the third generation of Moores to live and work on St. Croix Farm. The farm was purchased in 1932 by Ira and Louise Moore and operated as a dairy farm. Then their son Kenneth and his wife Beverly forged a new path with pasture-raised cattle. Their son John expanded the business to include pork, chickens, and pheasants. We launched our CSA in 2016 to better serve our customers.

A barn at sunset
Calves in a grassy field
Commitment to Excellence

We live on the farm, so it's more than a business to us. We believe that pasturing our animals is better for them, better for the land, and better for our customers. Our animals are pastured on grass during the warm months, and our freezer is stocked year-round. We are introducing silvopasturing to stack our operations and grow food, fiber, and animals in the same area. You can depend on us to be a healthy, nutrient-rich food source for you and your family.  

Flexible Options

We offer beef, pork, chicken, and lamb in either individual sales or through our CSA. All CSA packages can be customized for your needs. We have monthly scheduled CSA pickups, and we are available by appointment at almost any time for other sales. If you have a question, please get in touch! We are happy to help, or to share what we know.

A man standing in front of a barn
Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food

We offer regular tours for CSA members and customers. If you’re an existing (or prospective) member, and you can’t make it to one of our public tours, get in touch with us to set up a private one! We love talking about what we do, and it’s a great way to get to “know your farmer, know your food.”

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