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Welcome to St. Croix Farm

We are a family owned and operated small farm producing pasture-raised meats that are healthy, lean, and delicious! We are located in Valley Falls, New York. Products can be purchased individually or through our CSA.

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Christmas from the Farm

November 30, 5-8 p.m.

December 2, 12-4 p.m.


We will be having extended hours at this month's CSA pickup for Christmas from the Farm. This pickup is also open to the public, so bring your friends and family! You can renew your membership, update your product bundle, prepay for the year to get a 5% discount, pickup your CSA order, grab gift certificates, place orders for gift baskets, and support local vendors.

About Us

Pasturing animals harvests the sun's energy, and provides animals with their most natural and beneficial diet. An intense rotational grazing program creates a better life for our animals, a better product for our customers, and is better for the land.


St. Croix Farm was conserved in 2009. We continue to learn more about grass-fed meats, and we consider our stewardship of the land to be a continuous cycle of improvement.  

We partner with our neighbor RuBen Hill Farm to provide pork products year-round, as well as seasonal produce and holiday turkeys.

Cows in a field
Our Products Include

Beef  // Pork  // Chicken // Pheasant

Agricultural Stewardship Association
St  Croix Farm Tour
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St  Croix Farm Tour

St Croix Farm Tour

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How do our chickens live? | Pastured Chickens

How do our chickens live? | Pastured Chickens

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Preventing runoff and water erosion on St. Croix Farm

Preventing runoff and water erosion on St. Croix Farm

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Transforming fields into productive pastures

Transforming fields into productive pastures

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Cows and chickens on grass
Pigs in a grassy pasture
Chickens outside

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Stay in Touch!

14 Ridge Road

Valley Falls, NY, 12185

Phone: 518-859-9800

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