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Wine and Music Pairings

Take your St. Croix dining experience to the next level 
Wine Pairings​


We've partnered with our neighbors at Victory View Vineyards to provide you with the perfect pairing for whatever you're having for dinner. Located just up the road from us on Route 40 in Easton, their tasting room makes for a great visit. Here's what Gerry Barnhart had to say about what to drink with some of our recipes:

Cook's Country Atlanta Brisket
Revolution or Turning Point

"I would pair with one of our dry marquette wines to contrast with the sweetness provided by the cola, brown sugar, onions and ketchup – Revolution for those who prefer a medium-bodied red or Turning Point for those who enjoy a full-bodied wine."

Sue's Pot Roast
Lafayette or Three Rivers
"I would go with either our Lafayette, a medium-bodied, dry red made from our marechal foch grapes, or Three Rivers, a rich, complex dry red made from a blend of marquette, frontenac and marechal foch grapes from our vineyard."
Gram-ma's Chicken & Rice
Charlotte or Fieldstone

"I would pair with either our Charlotte, a dry German-style white made from La Crescent grapes, or Fieldstone a dry, oaked white made from LaCrosse grapes."

Mood Music

Not sure what to play while you enjoy your delicious St. Croix beef or chicken? We've got you covered. Follow us on Spotify for playlists for any occasion.

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