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Breakfast Sandwich

Matt used to impress his friends who didn't realize he could cook with a delicious impromptu breakfast sandwich. Whether you're rolling out of bed before the sunrise, or you're a later riser, a breakfast sandwich tastes good any time of day. It can even be a great dinner if you don't have much defrosted.



Cook bacon or sausage in a skillet. Drain some of the fat so you have a light coating on the bottom of your pan.

Use your greased pan to cook an egg in your favorite method--scrambled, fried, over easy (Matt's preferred method).

Slice, toast and butter a brioche roll. For a fried egg, place cheese on your roll and assemble your sandwich right away. For a scrambled egg, lay cheese on top of egg for last minute of cooking and cover pan so cheese melts before assembly. Use hot sauce at your own risk.


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